Re: Need expert opinions here...what do you think of the leather on this bag?

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  1. I think I'm getting this bag tomorrow but IMO, it looks a bit dry. I wanna be sure before I take the plunge. I think I like the texture but do you think this will be nice and smooshy later?

    GO FOR IT?? or PASS??
  2. pics?
  3. woops[​IMG]
  4. sorry double post

  5. Can't see your pics.:shrugs:
  6. Sorry can't get it right
  7. hmmmmmmmmm, it could just be a bad photo, but the leather doesn't look too good girl, is that an anthracite work (?) :shrugs:...i love the color, i'm just not sure about the leather on that bag...but the only thing that matters is whether you :heart: it!!!
  8. It's really hard to see from that pic - is that the only pic?
  9. better?[​IMG]
  10. Oooooooooooooh... if that was my bag I would be SOAKING it in Moistuizer for a week...

    Nice colour, but are you willing to treat it? She looks VEERY dry...

    Have you seen it IRL?
  11. Oh boy, i don't know. :confused1: It looks dry and veiny.:sad:
  12. I never treat bags so NO I would not treat. I haven't seen it IRL, I have to go by photos the SA sent me. Maybe I should wait for another anthy Work...I LOVE the texture on it but not sure if it looks dry and ashen due to lighting...I'll ask for better pics if possible.

    I think I only like this bag because the lighting makes anthracite look like Dolma.....oh, Dolma....
  13. that bag needs a moisturizing cream. if you're up for the challenge, then i'd say go for it.
  14. I agree with you it very well could be a question of lighting.
  15. Mm, I'd definitely ask for clearer pics before making up your mind. It's kinda hard to tell what's going on in that pic.