Re-naming reveal threads appropriately

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  1. I was wondering, if it could be a good idea to make it a rule for people to change the title of their reveal threads once the reveal is finished and the surprise-effect not needed anymore.

    Now, we have myriads of threads ambiguously called "Friday night reveal" or something along these lines. The photo-material in these threads could so so tremendously helpful, if only it could be found again later on - which would be a lot easier if the thread was titled "Reveal of Neverfull MM in DA" or something along these lines.
  2. + 1 great idea. I didn't know you could rename threads!
  3. Mods would have to do it. A rule would be nearly impossible to implement but the thread author could ask a mod to do it for them :yes:
  4. Yep! You can always PM us and ask us to change the thread - so it could be specific and easy for people to search after :yes: