RE: Monogram color

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  1. Hey ladies and gents.

    I just purchased a new monogram canvas alma, and the color looks off.

    I have several monos, and the lv in the canvca seem to look more greenish, whereas, my latest splurge is very brown.

    I even held it up to another splurge from two months and there is definitely a big difference in the shade of the canvas and the details.

    Does anyone know what i am talking about?

    The canvas doesn't look greenish, it looks brown.

    Is this normal that LV uses different shades for the mono.

    Please help, if you understand what I am trying to get across!

  2. my bags don't have any green in them as far as i can see
    where did you get yours from?
  3. The canvas on all of mine looks brown... :shrugs:
  4. There is some variation between the canvas colours. Pictures would be most helpful.

    Did you purchase the item from a authorized retailer ?

  5. :yes: :yes:
  6. I have some OLD LV that def. seems a little more greenish then my newer bags, I've also noticed when buying damier some seems to be slightly different, like there are two different lots of canvas out there....If it was purchased from LV or Elux I wouldn't think twice about it....that's where all my bags are from..
  7. Post pics!
  8. post pics
  9. hmmm...well as long as you bought it from a LV boutique or elux, I wouldn't worry about it.... as for the canvas....well I don't really understand what you mean by the brown background part being green....however, I do find that the LV logos and flowers are more on the green side than "yellow"
  10. Sorry this is so late, I am a student currently carrying a load of 18 credits. Everyone knows how it is at times.

    I will post pics for those who doesn't understand.

    I did purchases all items for lv boutiques, but as soon as I can figure out how to work this damn camera, I will post them so that someone can better explain why the canvases are not the same.

    Thanks to all who responded
  11. I have seen this too, at least I think I know what you mean....the LVs and symbols sometimes have a slight greenish tint, rather than gold, kinda like khaki can. I know all my pieces came direct from the boutique so I just put it down to lot variation.
  12. The fake one I bought off ebay last year the papillion was greenish...I do not use the bag. My brand new Speedy 30 from LV is brown. Comparing the authentic to the fake you can see the difference. Did you go to an LV store or did you buy off of ebay? so many good fakes on line be careful!!

  13. Yesssss, you are so right!!!!

    This is what i have been referring to.

    Does anyone else notice this problem with the authentic LV monogran canvas?
  14. No, but I have been collecting for only 2 years. Pics would be helpful.....
  15. The green = old canvas, used canvas

    ex: you bought a speedy and used it for 3 years -> slightly turns "green"
    ex: you buy a new speedy and it's brown: just as you 3y old speedy whas first
    when you buy a new purse and leave it in your closet, the brown color will stay...

    It's just simply by using the canvas that it fades to a "green" color..

    Just like my MC wallet, the colors are fading away :sad: