re: mj spring '06 "robert" handbag in taupe?

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  1. hi there! i know this may be a bit of a stretch... but i was wondering if anybody knew of anyplace that was selling the mj spring '06 "robert" handbag in taupe... i heart heart heart that bag and would love to track it down if i could! its adorable!! (sigh!) thanks!!
  2. There's only 1 Black Robert left in the company, all the other colors have sold out.

    11 x 2.5 x 9.5"
    Colors: Black, White, Skye, Taupe
  3. Do we have a pic of it anywhere?
  4. i remember the Robert. so cute. there are still some
  5. ^ I am told by MJ boutiques that they sent those back to the warehouse, the system only shows 1 Black Robert left. There's a possibility that OP can find it by making several calls to MJ boutiques. =)
  6. why did they send them back to the warehouse?
  7. ^ I'm guessing that the boutiques only keep the basic styles that come out every season. The seasonal items go there to make room for newer items.