Re: Miu Miu Fakes on E-bay

  1. There are 3 sellers I know of who are selling fake bags on E-bay. Last week I foolishly bought a Jimmy Choo bag from a seller called, "anything50orless". Not only is it fake, it's vinyl! And it smells to high heaven. I did all the things E-bay said to do, i.e. question the seller, look at his feedback, etc. He assured me the bag was geniune and now that I've filed a complaint with PayPal, he's acutally got the nerve to contest it. Unbelievable. I've also been looking for a Miu Miu Coffer and I've found several suspicious looking auctions, but 2 I am sure are selling fakes. The sellers are: "tarotangel1" and "2earthangels06". I tried to report them to E-bay, but E-bay doesn't care. They responded with a note which essentially said they just provide a forum for people to buy and sell and take no responsibility for the quality of the goods. On the other hand, PayPal goes after them. If you have a bad experience, file a claim (not a dispute) with PayPal, get your money back and help see to it that these thieves are exposed. It's a shame that the scum of the world has found it's way to E-bay and camped there. I used to find some really great buys on E-bay, but I'm tired of being bilked. On the other hand I'm thrilled to have found this website. Thanks for all the great info!;)
  2. Sorry it happened. Most of the coffers I've seen on eBay are fakes tho. Rampant there. Even some that are pretty high priced. Terrible.
    Hope all works out for you.

    Generally you should be prepared to pay somewhere close to retail or a sales price of the bag unless it's trashed. If it's a bargain, be suspicious. Hate to say that but it's true on eBay.

    Feel free to post authenticity questions regarding individual auctions before you buy in the thread in each designer forum and experts on the brand can help you verify if it's real/fake. Great free service we have here!