RE: Metallic reissues durability

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  1. For those who have had your metallics for some time (eg. a year), how have they held up? Does the metallic finish look as shiny as the day you bought the bag? How do the bags hold up in the rain? Love to hear your experiences with the metallics. Thanks.
  2. Anyone? TIA.
  3. My dark silver reissue from Cruise07 (bought Jan 07) has held up pretty well. I've smushed it in a suitcase from San Francisco to Paris and got caught in light rain showers with it, and the color has held up well. Because of the texture, deep wrinkles or dirt aren't particularly noticeable. Now, constant sun exposure may oxide the metallic colors over time (years), but so far so good.
  4. Thanks w jade! :flowers:
  5. i was wondering, will the metallics eventually peel?
  6. Yeah, that's what I want to know too. Anyone? Also, do you think it's a fashion thing or here to stay?
  7. I ever pop this qns to my SA locally and she said eventually it will fade as time goes by. Initally i owned the metallic black reissue but due to this reason, i decided to sell her away for more practical or durable chanel bags.
  8. This sounds scary.
  9. sobz.....i have the DS