re: member filed a claim on PayPal

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  1. Hi -
    I was not going to respond but feel that I have to and I realize the thread is closed and this will probably get closed as well but i can't help but feel like i need to defend myself.

    I emailed the seller on February 21st (day shoes were delivered) and NEVER got a response. After over a week, I filed a paypal claim.

    I think i was nice and completely honest about this, I feel quite strongly that the shoes were not as depicted- the listing does have tons of photos showing that they are in very used condition, so i was shocked to receive something that was in even worse condition- the insoles were so filthy i didnt even want to try them on. They've been relisted for at least the past 6 months- possibly even a year so it is possible that they've dulled, been damaged, etc while in storage since that time.

    I just did not appreciate having my integrity called into question here. I filed the claim simply because the seller did not respond to my email or message on ebay on February 21st.

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  2. I think it's fair to be able to defend yourself. I also think that with very used items it is often the case that the seller strongly believes the item is as described and the buyer also strongly believes that it was not.

    I believe that there's been a problem with people getting their eBay messages lately. There have a few cases in the last month where my trading partners didn't get an email notice of an eBay message.
  3. thanks so much for that. i would agree except that i sent the message to the actual email address as well is in ebay. the email address is the same one that is attached to the sellers paypal account, so it should have gone through. Either way- i think i was really kind and having purchased and sold probably over a thousand CL shoes, mostly used, so of course there is some grey area, but I guess my point is they're far worse than the photos- photos can make things look better - and thats ok. I just want to be clear that I reached out far earlier than the seller indicated. Thanks for listening though :smile:
  4. Could you please post photos?
  5. not taking sides in the dispute one way or the other, but this doesn't mean that she received it - just because it's the email associated with her PP, doesn't mean it's the email that she uses regularly; I have four email accounts, and only check two with any frequency.
  6. of course. i have them at home on my computer - i work in finance and have late hours so it will have to wait until then. Separately, the PayPal claim was decided in my favor. The seller messaged me separately via eBay after i filed the claim and suggested a return with a $65 restocking fee + shipping at my own cost, but at this point the case was already closed. I offered to pay for shipping on Feb 21 anyway. These things happen- agree to disagree. I dont think this has to turn into something so dramatic- they're just shoes and in this case i was very kind and respectful and reached out immediately.

    Thanks for listening.

  7. Completely agree with you! Which is why in my initial PayPal dispute message I said that

    "i'm not sure if you received my messages but..."

    Seller refused, so I escalated this morning.

    I'm sorry to have continued this but it was really bothering me to read all of that.
  8. I just wanted to say that your letter to the seller was very kind and gracious.

  9. As a seller and a buyer, I know that dealing with pre-owned items is difficult. What some consider "excellent" condition, others consider to be "fair." Extent of use, number of times worn (clothing/shoes) or carried (handbags) is subjective as well. Someone who is very gentile on their items can have something that still looks new after years of use, whereas someone who is rough on her items will have newer items looking abused.

    We heard the seller's side and we heard the buyer's side. I tend to think that the truth about the actual condition lies somewhere in the middle. I hope both of you can work it out.
  10. I think it has been worked out. The seller has agreed to accept the return of the shoes. It sounds very much like she will be getting the same shoes back that she sent out.

    It is too bad it had to be acrimonious.
  11. I'm so glad we could hear your side of story. Previously we didn't know you did contact seller straight away after receiving the shoes. It changes a lot ( at least in my eyes ).
    The good thing is that the seller will receive shoes it the same state she sold them. I believe it was misunderstanding about 'used shoes' on both sides. Seller believed they were ok, you didn't like the condition because pictures made them look better then they really were. Sad that we couldn't hear your story earlier on. I can only apologise if I jumped to the conclusion without waiting for your story.

  12. OP under these circumstances you have handled yourself & this matter well.
    And your message to the seller has shed new light on the thread & posts (previous)

    The seller was not responsive & after waiting a reasonable amount of
    time for the courtesy of a response, you opened a claim/dispute.

    I'm sure many of us would have done the same.

    Here's hoping you can find the shoes:smile: in the condition you expect & from a
    more responsive seller.
  13. I mean that my eBay trading partners aren't getting my eBay messages at all. Twice now this month I've gotten messages from which is was clear that they hadn't see a previous message. In both cases I pointed out that I sent a message answering all their questions some days ago, they went into their message history and found the messages.

    So, in my mind it's possible that the seller didn't see your message. That said, it's totally reasonable to open a case after you hadn't received a response in that amount of time.

    It's unfortunate that this transaction didn't work out and that the solution couldn't be resolved amicably. But as long as the seller receives the returned shoes in the same condition sent the only harm will be some lost shipping costs from both parties and some hurt feelings.
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