re: logos/pics in ebay descriptions?

  1. I am pretty new to eBay and was wondering if anybody knows how to do this?

    When I list an item, I upload the pictures in the appropriate section. Then when it gets to the description part, I describe the item.

    Here is where my problem is. I have a Word document that I created with all my payment and shipping info that I plug into the description has a couple images in there including a paypal logo....none of it shows up except the text in the final version.

    Is there some special code or texting that you have to put in for the images to appear in that section? I see eBay sellers use their own images in the descriptions all the time, I just cannot figure out how to do it. Any suggestions please? thanks!
  2. Try just copying and pasting the logo itself where you want it in the description area, without copying and pasting text at the same time (copy the text alone first, then the logos). I've copied and pasted logos with no problem.
  3. thanks i will try that. for some reason it was just leaving blank spaces where the images are supposed to be.
  4. I use HTML code. I use the tab that say enter HTML and then from there you can use the help section of eBay. It tells you basic HTML code, one of which, is how to insert the web address to where your pictures/logos are hosted ie. photobucket, etc. I couldn't tell you how to do it with regular text way. I always load all of my own pictures of my handbags that are hosted on photobucket in my description. This way, I don't have to pay all of the fees ebay charges to upload pictures to their site. Hope this helps.

    Sorry I couldn't tell you how to do it otherwise. Maybe someone else will chime in on how to do it just using the text version.
  5. You can't just copy and paste from Word to any message field when there are pictures. The pictures will never show up after pasting it. You have to get a code (like erdrwife said, HTML) or just use a photo uploader on eBay maybe or a photo hosting site like or Photobucket?)
  6. I paste logos all the time into my listings without using HTML.
  7. thank you! this is what i think i needed to know, hopefully this will work for me. :tup:
  8. You are welcome! If you need any help, I would be glad to help you in any way I can, just PM me. It is difficult at first to learn the code, but once you have done it a few times it makes it alot easier to really add to your auctions. You can add as many pictures as you want and really be creative without adding extra fees. Good luck! :tup:
  9. thanks everyone, i did find the html editor you can switch back and forth while doing the description and that was helpful...if you are inserting some html into the middle of the ad, how do you know where one html code ends and another begins? I thought it was the <> signs surrounding it, but is it actually the semicolon? ;