1. No matter how many times I re-list the item, when I do sell it, eBay will only charge me 1 listing fee only and credit back the rest?

  2. you can look up their relist policy and they spell it out for you. i keep forgetting to read it, but i run across it all the time when i do other seller associated searches on eBay.
  3. Aren't you only allowed to re-list once?

    And if it doesn't sell the second time... you are charged the extra fees for re-listing. Only if it sells, will you not be charged again for re-listing.

    Is this right?
  4. ^ Pretty sure you're correct Jayne.
  5. Yep that's right. I think if you relist a third time and it sells, then you'll get your second relisting fee back, but not your first.
  6. Also, you can't relist for higher than the original price.
  7. Yeah when you relist after having the item up for the very first time, you'll get the listing fee back if it sells. But if you keep having to relist, then you don't get any credit at all.
  8. You are only reimbursed the listing fee the second time if it sells. If it doesn't sell you pay the full amount. The best thing to do if you want to relist it a third time is set it up as a new listing so that if you have to relist it again you will qualify for the reimbursment.