Re-listed Green Apple Canvas Office--$699 starting

  1. Hmmmm, your title is a bit confusing. This is not a pony bag :smile:
  2. i knew what she meant.
    thanks for posting.
    man, this bag has been around for a LONG time.
  3. I find it pretty ugly! :sick: Not sure I would carry it even if someone gave it to me for free.
  4. Yeah...they've been trying to offload this bag since at least May...poor thing.
  5. It looked like a pony, and I agree, not the best looking B bay but super cheap.
  6. i own this bag in work size. it is a really fun bal bag and gets alot of compliments. i bought it on sale from AR last year during their last blowout sale. anyone who likes apple green would enjoy this bag.:yes: i dont know the seller.
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