re-issue sizes

  1. do you girls who own reissues, find you can only use the 266 for day use?

    would you recommend a 226 or 227, i think anything bigger is too big for me

  2. sorry i should have said, that i want to use it for evening and not day use.

    thank you all very much
  3. Me, I'd choose the 226 or possibly 225 for evening. 226 is nearest to the medium classic's dimensions and I find my medium black classic can easily be used for dressier evening events or for day time use. Others will most likely disagree with this: Anything larger than a medium or 226 for evening use can detract from the wardrobe and is a statement unto itself.
  4. I'd go for the 225 or 226.
  5. thanks ladies
  6. I like bigger bags so I would personally get the 227. If you're interested in using it for night events too though, then get the 226. :yes:
  8. oh lovely, i would say a 225 light silver is beautiful. however have a missed the boat to get a re issue, or will there be more out next season? i love the clasp on it, that is why i want one so much
  9. thanks a million, there is so much info it can all get a bit confusing! better get on the waiting list so! thanks
  10. you're welcome!:smile: