RE: Is it wrong to ask for a reference after 2 days?

  1. Remeber that last thread guys?!!! Well, I followed your advice and didnt ask for a refrence, BUT they asked me back! I worked my fat ass off so hard for 2 days and they asked me to come in one day a week (yes i skip school but im in the top 5 in my grade at school and the school agreeded to give me time off for such a HUGE opporunity) I dont want to name the company (its in the fashion industry) It was soooooo good! i had the time of my life! And i didnt just run errands (which was what i expected) i helped with costruction of a garment which is going to be sent to a celebrity and they could potentially be wearing some of my work! hee so excited!!!
  2. CONGRATS BABE!!! SEE NOW YOU areon the right track
  3. Congrats!! Hard work always pays off. I am also impressed that you took all the advice given (somewhat bluntly at times) in the right spirit. You are a good guy, I wish you all the best in the future.
  4. Rose sometimes its best to seve it out upfront lol, i will addmit i was a bit depressed from such a negative reaction in the first thread but im glad you guys gave true advice coming from the real world, it was worse from me becuase some of my close friends were insisting that i did ask for one so i had two different influnces on 180 degrees. So thanks again everyone, i can ask for a REAL refrence when I am truely known to the company in a few months and there wont be a negative reaction