Re: I Got It! - Update!

  1. Update: I quit this past friday. I wasn't ready for the workload, and it was a totally different industry.. I'm back at Restoration Hardware, under the same position as I left, but they are matching my pay at Coldwater Creek, so it's really not a financial step down for me. I'll just stay at RH for another couple years.. at least.. until the LV Bloomingdales opens! haha.. we'll see from there. :smile:

    mods can we close the other thread? lol. i dont want people to get the wrong idea or mixed messages here.
  2. YEA for you! ;)

    what other thread?
  3. Congrats!!! I hope to more on to another job in a year or so if the right one comes. I am stuck where I am and it's just a really bad job. I know cause everyone I know told me to leave. LOL. Congrats again!!!
  4. Yay, congrats Jimmy. Sorry to hear that Coldwater creek is not working out.
  5. I hope it all works out for you- sounds good for now!! :drinkup: