re: Hermes at Loire

  1. I came across mention of this store in the reference threads. I've never heard of it before, but I've never been to Japan, either. Is this a department store that sells brand-new Hermes? Or secondhand Hermes? Do any of you have experience with them? I couldn't believe the photos of their bags. They were gorgeous! I'm wondering if they're authentic, and if so, price ranges compared to US? Anybody? Thanks.
  2. They had a 30 cm vert anis Birkin in the Madison Avenue store that I and hlfinn got to fondle...... very yummy!
  3. Sophie, I think this is Mika's shop (not sure as there are a number of resellers in Japan). The bags are authentic as far as I have heard and the price range is quite a bit up from prices in the US. Search 'Mika' in the forum and you will come across some websites. hth.
  4. Thanks, Hello and Fesdu. I'll do a search on Mika.