Re: Hamilton. Can anyone tell me if..

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  1. the Hamilton has been made in Saffiano with Rose Gold Hardware? I'm dreaming about that combination. I've done some searches but haven't pulled up anything.

  2. Yea I saw one today and so regret not buying it. Hopefully it's there tomorrow. Cuz it will be mine lol
  3. Where did you find it???? Lol. I must have.

  4. It's was the only one in the MK store. It's luggage . The specchio style . I don't know how I was able to put it down
  5. Gah. I need to get out there this weekend!

  6. I'm so mad I didn't buy it yesterday now I'm afraid It sold already.
  7. Did you already went and check it out?
  8. You better call them and ask them to hold it for you! :smile: do you happen to remember how much it was?

  9. Yes I got my new selma non damaged
  10. I called them they had it! Picking it up tomrow
  11. Awesome ... post pics when you have the chance too. Would love to see.
  12. Omg, thanks to this thread my store is ordering this from another store for me because they sold out. And it is on sale- $240!

  13. Which one ?
  14. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393371941.603826.jpg

    Rose gold!!
  15. ^ That's a beautiful combination!