Re: Getting my first LV!

  1. I'm reposting this on the main board...I'm new to TPF and I just wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions or advice for me, because I will be getting my first real high end bag for my b-day! I'm getting a mono speedy 30, and am planning on going through eluxury. I've heard about ****** and am going through them too... any other advice or suggestions? TIA!
  2. good choice!
  3. Well I think you are going to need a wallet to match that bag.;)
  4. Definetely sign up for ****** then enter eluxury through their website. You'll get a % back of the total purchase towards your ****** account. I think it is 3-8%?
  5. no other advice--def use ****** and enjoy! post pics when you get it!
  6. Classic classic classic not much more to be said, you will love her and if you take care of her will last you a lifetime. Congrats, it's a great time in your life.
  7. Welcome to the world of LV addiction!! Yes, you'll definitely need a matching wallet for that nice speedy you'll be ordering. :graucho:
  8. Oh and ps Happy Birthday, love B'Day's they are fab:yahoo:

    Oohhh And maybe a cles!!!!
  9. Welcome!:flowers:

    ITA with the others great choice and no other advice.
  10. Thanks so much for all the replys! :yahoo: A wallet will definitely be next on my list!
  11. Welcome and let us suck you into our little LV world!!!!! The speedy 30 is a perfect first choice - Happy Birthday and welcome to our forum!!!!!
  12. excellent choice
  13. You made an excellent choice. Congratulations and enjoy it.
  14. Excellent choice. Congrats and what a great way to bring in the New Year!!
  15. happy bday ! this forum will ensure you are broke in no time. enjoy!