? Re Gauffre Bags

  1. Hey all...venturing away from my LV safe zone LOL

    Where can you buy the Gauffre bags (aside from Neimans...because I prefer to use Visa and I *think* they only accept Amex online)?

    Do they ever go on sale? Where? When? And what is typical discount?

    I saw a style at NM...it was a bowler style...leather & nylon...no clue really. I remember it was around 2K though....anyone know what I am talking about?

  2. NM accepts Visa and MC online.
  3. ^^ yep online they take Visa and MC!!! Good luck with that gauffre hunt!
  4. Ohhh thanks for the NM info!

    What about the sales and stuff? I only ask because with LV I never have to worry about sales...and I'm one of those people that will kick myself if I buy something and then see it on sale 2 months later!
  5. Jill is your woman on this one!! lol She has quite the Gauffre collection! Let us know what you get! Congrats on stepping outside the LV box...its a BIG step!! (seriously! I still struggle with it sometimes!):nuts::nuts:
  6. U can order from NM in LAS VEGAS ..they take VISA there,,I use CARLOS,as my SA there.he is fab.I have the bowler in the black...its a FAB BAG!(Doesnt ever go on sale!SORRY!)
  7. Also check Bluefly -- they've had some lately with nice discounts :smile:

  8. Thanks Jill!!!!

    Do any of the Gauffre's ever go on sale?

    I really liked the bowler one...but really any of them in black leather would be divine!

    Thanks Jamie!!!! I am trying to expose myself to other brands and build up the nerve to actually do it and buy something non-LV!
  9. There have been gauffres on sale on Bluefly and Overstock in the past month -- they go fast so you have to check daily. I got a lambskin satchel for about 35% off in walnut.
  10. Thanks Jen!!!