Re GAS jewellery

  1. Hi, just wondering if any one has or loves the GAS jewellery from Paris. I own many different bracelets and neclases and I always get stopped by strangers admiring them. They are mostly semi precious or non precious costume beads put together in a very stricking unusual way. Each bracelet retails for about $350.

    FWIW, its not something my husband sells, so it prooves how much I must love them!!!!

    Do any of you know about this brand??? It doersnt seem to be on the net!
  2. Sorry but not familar with GAS jewelery. Would you be able to post some pics? Thx!
  3. This sounds VERY interesting! Do you have more info??
  4. re: GAS JEWELLERY [/B]i have been trying to buy a piece of the gas jewellery. There was a site called Blue Lawn which had the peice i wanted. However they would ship to Perth. So by the time i found a contact in th UK . all the jewellery is taken off.... Can someone help me find how i can buy a piece.......PLEASE HELP
  5. RE: GAS jewellery Pleasr help me buy some.... having trouble finding somewhere to buy it from. Love the jewellery seen it on girls...
  6. Hi, I know exactly where to buy GAS stuff from in Melbourne

    Its a fabulous shop in Malvern called MG Studio.

    Mary Goldfarb the owner lives and breaths fashion. She goes OS many times a year to bring back the GAS stock and it sells out pretty quickly.

    One of the new pieces that I just bought is a neclase with a very fine chain (almost invisible) with a bell type shape hanging off it made out of highly polished silver with little pink and white diamontes on it. (Hard to explain). It also has hundreds of tiny beads hanging off the bottom of the `bell`. Anyway it is very unique and beautiful like all their stuff.

    MG Studio
    588 Malvern Road
    Hawksburn 3142
    (03) 9521 4323
  7. Lol, did you try Googling GAS? :roflmfao:
  8. what do you think.......
  9. Thanks for the information.. i will contact the store.. Can't wait
  10. Good for you. Ask for Mary Goldfarb as she is the owner.

    I hope it works out for you, please keep us informed!!!!

    And, the stuff is could always ask if its possible to get a discount. Thats a reasonable request these days imo.

    You could also tell her that you will post the pictures here!!!!!:wlae:
  11. Good and bad news MG Studio didn't have the piece i was chasing , however i found another store in Melbourne that stocks GAS- Paris Rendez Vous on high st attadale ph: 03 98225509. They are sending me the piece.....
    So now you have another place to find this wonderful range of jewellery