Re: Fugly bag

  1. Real fur :yucky:
  2. That looks somehow... rotten... :weird:
  3. Why don't we post pics of other fugly bags? We always lust after woderful bags, let's have a break and laugh at our obsession!
  4. ew! look what the cat dragged in...
  5. What a puke-y bag. UGH.
  6. Looks like roadkill.
  7. Looks like fresh roadkill, if you ask me!! Who would pay money for THAT??!!?
  8. No offense, but it looks like roadkill!
  9. my thoughts exactly!
  10. ditto on the roadkill comments. yuck! :wtf: :sick:
  11. It looks like a fox got into the chicken coop! LOL:roflmfao:
  12. It makes my stomach turn.:yucky:
  13. Icky :sick: