? re. fringe

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  1. I don't know if this is a silly question but looking at pics of everyone's b-bags the fringe looks to be multiple colors. The ones I look at to order, the fringe is the same color of the bag. Is this something you put on yourself or am I not just seeing it in the other pics. Does that make sense? :confused1:
  2. Usually the tassles are the same colour as the bag and most people keep it like this and some add charms to their bags. Here Denea (hope I spelled the name right) does create her own bag charms with the extra tassles but the bags don't come like this. It's up to your personal taste if you want your tassles to be in a different colour or adding bagcharms to it. Everything is allowed as long as you like it:smile:
  3. The fringe (tassels) come on new bags in one color, the same color as the bag. But when they split, the inside is lighter colored so that may be why it looks like some are multiple colors.