re fakes, does anyone here report the ones they see?

  1. considering that we've all come across obvious fakes at some point, do you make it your business to reprort them or so you just leave it alone?

    I've been doing a random search and reporting in batches of 10. Ok, I admit i'm a geek so I can report 100 or so within 5 minutes. :wlae: . the'yre not that hard to find just search for BIN or NEW LV for under £40.
    The way I see it, if a person gets enought of therir stuff removed by vero, they'll get de-registed eventually. still i camn only do this about once a day when I'm boored. imagine if a lot more people did it.
  2. I report the fake bags, especially those that could cost the potential buyer alot of money. I also like to report the fake bags when the seller gives a stupid story about the bag.
  3. I do, esp. if the buyer can potentially lose hundreds. Some of these "unique" vintage pieces are really badly constructed fakes, and I hate how people bid on them.
  4. yeah this is a really good Idea. Im going to do this too. I hate it when the bag is an obvious fake and the seller says "Bought in Paris" Im like :wtf: :wtf: No it wasnt !
  5. I report anything counterfeit I find. Handbags for sure, but also there's a HUGE counterfeit market on the clothing OIlily, terribly bad fakes out there! :yucky:
  6. I always report suspicious looking bags to eBay.

    I got burned once, about three years ago with a fake Balenciaga (errrghh!) and have been on the warpath ever since!!!

    No one should have to deal with unscrupulous sellers:cursing:

  7. There is a forum that is dedicated to nothing but reporting bags, the bigger the group that reports the faster those pieces of junk get pulled!! I also report them!! Hate to see innocent people spend way to much for a piece of junk.
  8. what forum?:upsidedown: I would like to report some
  9. If I have the time I report....usually when I'm searching for something specific (like Cherry Blossom LV items, etc.). Sometimes I get really ticked off and email the seller calling them out...hoping they'll be dumb enough to click the little button that allows all viewers to see the Q&A LOL
  10. I report when I'm certain a bag is fake... I don't consider myself an expert, and I usually ask here if/when more opinions are needed.
  11. I always report them, especially when I see that the price is insanely high.
  12. I report them as well.
  13. Which forum is this? I have MANY I want to report.
  14. There was a list on authenticate this but it's clesed for the longest :sad: anyone know us earthlings can acess it again????