Re: eBay sellers - read this londongal01

  1. I just deleted a thread that is no way compatible w/ the spirit of tPF.
    londongal01 you have a lot to learn about Forum ettiquette, starting w/ how you present information on eBay sellers that you believe could be questionable.
    No one should be posting threads w/ the title of *Warning! _________ONLY sells fakes!!!! without some HARDCORE evidence, which you did not provide.
    Of course anytime anyone has questions about the ethics of an eBay Seller this Forum is happy to discuss it, but not in such an aggressive and slanderous, unfounded manner.
    It's not friendly or responsible:nogood:
    Topics like that are easily found by a quick internet search and it's just not right.
    Please use more thought and tact when coming forth w/ accusations about others on this Forum.
  2. ^ :yes: thanks, swanky. it was a real controversy just now... ACK!

    ps: you changed your avator!! lol
  3. ^I know! I hardly recognize myself!:lol:
  4. thanks swanky mama! this is why i love TPF! we have true hardcore bag lovers!! yey yey!
  5. I don't know the seller she was referring to {prefer not to post her name again} so hopefully everyone knows I'd do the same thing for any seller that was posted about in that fashion.
    None of us would have wanted that thread to be about us:nogood:
  6. I'm glad to see this...finally the thread has been closed after such a debate/drama...LOL
  7. Swanky, I agree with this and was waiting for the thread to be either closed or deleted.

    I do, however, question why that particular thread was considered slander and unethical but the thread about the s/a who was dissed, ripped apart and perhaps fired or at the very least severely reprimanded, was not? That particular thread was equally aggressive and had members ready to jump on the bandwagon and report other s/a's they felt wrong them with "attitude", like an internet firing squad. I personally feel it should be tPF's policy not to allow badmouthing of any person or business in a public forum due to the possible legal ramifications that could ensue.

    Please folks, I'm not here to start a debate; I'm simply asking what the difference is between those two threads, both of which were written in an angry, aggressive, mean-spirited tone.
  8. ROEY-
    There is a fine line when it comes to certain comments RE:ebayers,SA's....etc......

    The MODS will do their best to control these threads...and monitor ones we r concerned about.Its hard to tell on the internet how things are meant sometimes....
  9. I knew something was up, everytime I clicked on the thread it was telling me- it was invalid and I thought I had clicked the wrong place..
    Thanks I thought I was really losing it this am
  10. Roey, I don't mind you asking, I guess it comes down to human subjection.
    I understand you disagree w/ the way I chose to handle that other thread, our opinions just differ about that.
    I moderate this Forum usually, and usually alone, and used my judgement to decide that reporting on how someone was treated disrespectfully by an SA was fair to post, just as it's fair that people post when treated in an exemplary way.
    I tried my best, at my discrestion which Megs & Vlad have trusted me to do, to make sure that thread about the SA stayed pretty diplomatic. I removed comments that I deemed inappropriate including her full name.
    I would have left the eBay thread open IF londongal01 conveyed her concerns in a more diplomatic manner, as opposed to titling it including the eBayer's name and going straight to very extreme accusations.
    I'm human and have been trusted to use my discretion and opinion on what is reasonable and what is not.
    There's no way everyone agrees w/ me all the time, but that's why I said it's the human subjection. . . it's often subjective and people's opinions are going to differ. . . I just have to try and use my best judgement.

  11. Roe, I think the difference is that tPF member who was venting about the experience with the NM SA had personal experience, and londongal01 admitted she'd never purchased from the eBay seller, and in fact I think she's only purchased one Chanel to date and only from another eBay seller. Her comments included wording like "I'm 110% sure ALL of her bags are fake" and "I have a trained eye for replicas/fakes" - oh really? After only ever purchasing ONE Chanel bag from eBay? Please do tell.:rolleyes:
  12. ^all valid points Mon:yes:
  13. Amen. :supacool:

    BTW: what on earth is the girl holding in her hands in your avatar? Is it supposed to be a ski-outfit and is she holding her ski's or something?
  14. Just giving this a bump since I think it has good responsible comments to consider when posting.
  15. they're Chanel skis Nat :yes: