re-dying white bags?

  1. i read in anohter thread that chanel can re-dye white caviar bags for additional $150 (or something like that)

    i don't know how reliable this information is.

    nonetheless, has anyone asked if hermes was willing to re-dye its white bags
  2. Re-dying white bags? :blink: Once you re-dye, do you have anymore white birkin? :blink: Might as well order a new one and build up your collection. :noworry:

    If Hermes can re-dye white birkins, shouldn't they be able to re-dye other colors too? OR, re-dye dirty white into new white again?

    Hermes, wanna take my idea? :graucho:
  3. I've heard that when you send the handbags for refurbishment they can look brand spanking new. I'm don't think they re-dye them, but definitely big-time cleaning!
  4. Many years ago I purchased a nice/expensive white bag a Nordstrom. A few months later some strange mark appeared on the front and so I took it back. They sent it out to be redyed and it came back perfect. I was afraid that it might look chalky as it was a box leather, but it was fine. However, since that episode I have been very wary about buying a white bag of any great expense. I don't think I would want to take the chance even with Hermes.