Re- dyed lambskin opinions?

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  1. Looking at purchasing a preloved re-dyed lambskin camera bag- hot pink. The description states that the bag has been redyed and that the tassels are harder. Thoughts on this? Have never seen or felt a dyed lambskin bag.
  2. Anyone? Would love any advice/opinions about this. Thank you!
  3. In my experience, re-dying completely changes the texture of the leather. I have only ever had a bag (a much loved Balenciaga) recoloured once, never again. I can't help but feel you would be better off waiting for another bag to come along. Hope this helps!
  4. Thank you so much!
  5. I would not buy it, for the reason mentioned above. Also, if the hot pink colour is not the original colour of the camera bag, Chanel will not take the bag in for repairs.
  6. Thank you! Have decided not to go for it.
  7. +1
  8. I have a Chanel jumbo that has been re colored by Chanel.

    It is amazing! The leather is still soft, but it now is water proof! It is lambskin and just as luxurious and plush. The only change is that it is now waterproof and seems it will not show any wear. I am very very happy with it.