Re-discover a Chloe in your closet: fall in love with your bag all over again!

  1. Congrats - can't wait to re-see your edith :biggrin: Naughty naughty for selling the first one :p
  2. I know right? trying to make my mistake right :biggrin:
  3. sorry~ side note, the cat is a beauty!
  4. daisyrockyrosie -- I can see why that Noir Quilted Bay is one of your favorites!:drool::drool:
  5. Okay ladies, I'm bringing this thread back because I used to love lurking through it, and now I finally have a Chloe to "rediscover" of my very own!!

    My '05 Choco Paddington has not been getting much love from me lately... :shucks: She was abandoned in favor of a Rebecca Minkoff MAM that was just a little bit lighter and easier to wrangle while out-and-about. Finances have been a little *ahem* tight, lately (:true:smile: and I got caught up in the MAM-craze all over again and seriously considered selling the paddy to fund another RM. I even contacted a consignment shop and got a trade-in estimate. But just this morning I decided to pull the Chloe out and have a look at it again, and after several minutes of fondling and fiddling with the bag, I came to the conclusion that I had clearly lost my marbles for a moment there and that I would be certifiably out of my mind to sell this purse!

    I mean, seriously! The leather on this bag is DIVINE. And I do not use that word often! It slouches so beautifully and I literally cannot stop touching it. I even loosened the side straps to un-cinch the body of the bag a little bit, and it makes a big difference. Somehow makes the bag feel sufficiently "different" to sate my thirst for a shiny new purse.

    Anyways, I just wanted to share with people I know will commiserate :drinkup: I tried to explain the thrill of rediscovery with the BF and he just looked at me like I was nuts.

    Anyone else put a neglected bag back into rotation lately??? :graucho:
  6. Yes!!! Me too!! I've totally thought about selling my paddy then I bring her out and wonder if I've lost my mind. Such a beautiful bg with amazing leather. I still bring her out!!