Re-discover a Chloe in your closet: fall in love with your bag all over again!

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  1. Ahhh I'd love myself some betty!! It looks so practical! How's the weight like? ;)
  2. Thanks Ladies, it is a small betty, medium weight in comparison to most of my Chloe bags.. But it is handheld only, doesn't fit on the shoulder at all. I love Bettys, wish I could get my hands on a black patent!
  3. Chodessa, lovely Betty! And I agree: one of the lightest Chloe styles!
  4. Nice bowler...I feel the same way about mine too;)

  5. Hi, I'm Silvia and I'm new to this subforum :smile:

    I have a Paddington -I think it's a medium size, but I'm no expert and I don't know how Chloè sizes are named specifically- from 2005/2006, in cream coloured pebbled leather (does the Paddington even come in smooth/non pebbled leather at all?) that's been sitting in my closet for a really long time...I think it's been almost 3 years since the last time I've used it.

    I'd love to make her see the light of the sun again, but I've taken her out once and saw she has become greyish-looking due to a light patina of dirt.. I haven't tried to clean her yet since I once completely ruined a Gucci Bamboo with one of my homemade concoctions, but I'd really like to bring her back to her old glory: do you know of any sure way to clean a light coloured Paddington? I've used the Search function but didn't find anything specific.
  6. You are better off sending her to a professional leather cleaner...they can do miracles!
  7. Thanks for the advice, I will ask around and try to discover where to find one here. How much do they usually charge for a bag cleaning?
  8. I am always rotating my bags - and often am guilty of neglecting some of the older pieces in my bag collection. I have had the pleasure this week of rekindling my love affair with 2 of my long-time favorite chloes:

    muscade edith loaf:

    and noir quilted bay:

    These are two of my absolute favorite chloes of all time - and will forever be part of my chloe collection :smile: Would recommend either style to absolutely anyone - in any color!
  9. Beautiful... These are stunning pieces...
    I could do with a noir Bay ;)
  10. DRR - I'm in love with your two beauties!! The leather on your Edith is amazing!! I still would love to add a quilted bay to my collection but I'm afraid of the weight. How does it compare to the the Heli E-W tote?
  11. Yes - Edith has gorgeous leather. I think the east west heloise might be slightly easier/lighter to carry than my quilted bays - but there is not a huge difference.
  12. DRR, the edith loaf is the cutest shape! I think it's much cuter than the regular edith! :heart:
  13. DRR, love the Edith.........
  14. Technically my bag wasn't in the "closet" since I sold it, but I will "re-discover" Chloe Edith because I just snapped one this morning :lol:
  15. me too:smile:
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