Re-discover a Chloe in your closet: fall in love with your bag all over again!

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  1. ^You are too kind.. The bag is fantastic, the clothes are alright for a busy mom on the go...

    If i saw you walking in town, i'd probably faint after spotting one of your beautiful bags! ;)

    PS I love love love your siggy!
  2. its about the total look, and i reckon you had that nailed! Less is more.....;)
    Or, not trying too hard is always the best
  3. ^What a generous soul you are! :flowers:
  4. Maria, you would need to use your Betty more and more...It´s a great bag!
  5. couple of shots with my rediscovered betty

    Attached Files:

  6. you seem to be loving Betty at the mo- looks great with you! :smile:
  7. thanks, parson... she has always been my fav bag... the only other bag i feel absolutely head over heels with is my teal gaucho...

    I bought the betty when there were lots of them on ebay (around Nov 07) for a pretty low price. This is probably the only bargain i've come accross...
  8. and just when I am feeling the need for betty.......:oh: a step behind!
  9. a step ahead... best bag EVER... so edgy, roomy and stylish...
  10. #235 Jul 12, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2009
    Mariabdc...looks really good on you...have one ( might be the same :nuts: ) too but don't use it anymore...maybe it's time to get recovered...:yes:
  11. I took my Edith out for a spin a couple of days ago and she surprised me again... I really love this bag, even though i rarely use her...

    I am currently using my betty again after neglecting her for 2months+ and she is lovely. She's an eye-catcher as well...

    Chloe bags give me such a thrill whenever i use them that no other style/designer can compare (except, perhaps, for the Dior Gaucho)... but Chloes are my favs hands down...

    I will try to post more pics soon of my rediscovered beauties...
  12. Love Betty! Maria you wear her well!
  13. She looks gorgeous Maria! You suit her... definitely wear her more!
  14. Fell in love with my Python Betty Thursday night...

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  15. ^^I can see why, it's beautiful:tup::tup:-- is that the small size??
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