Re-discover a Chloe in your closet: fall in love with your bag all over again!

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  1. Ok gals, I suspect there is more than me and Soleil out there that either are, or should be, on a bag bag :supacool:


    I had an idea that we should *re-discover* a bag that we haven't used in a while.

    I know that I haven't used my blanc in too long, despite my brain thinking that I use it all the time. :blush:

    Instead of buying and sharing a *new* bag, let's rediscover and share a neglected Chloe already in our closet :wlae:
  2. This is a great thread!
  3. I am going to rediscover blanc with my new bronze Dior ballerina flats:

  4. this is my new mantra - what does Sheryl Crow sing - "it's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got!" - am trying to enjoy the ban, really use my bags, and realize that the world DOESN'T actually stop when beautiful bags pass by me unpurchased :P
  5. Love this thread! Tomorrow I will wear my two-tone python silverado (whiskey/tan) When I first got it, I wore it every single day, but it's been a while. She's coming out of retirement this weekend!:heart:
  6. Well said macbagger (I mean Sheryl)!!! :woohoo:

    KMSNYC I am hoping you can share a modeling pic, I'd love to see that silverado :drool:
  7. I have a picture of it along with my two other silverados in the "all about silverados" reference thread. I was just trying to reattach the picture from that post but I can't figure out how to do it... but if you scroll through that thread you'll see it. It's a couple of posts under your gorgeous python silverado!:heart:
  8. hmwe46!!!
    You start the coolest threads!!! I'm too new in the Chloe club to participate! My Chloes are all brand new. :crybaby: But I LOVE :heart: all of them. Thanks to you... I've fallen in love with Chloe again and again and again. Thanks for being my first friend in the Chloe forum. :tender:

    btw... the Dior flats... where'd they come from? :graucho:
  9. HMWE46: That bag is gorgeous and the shoes are great! Do you have more treasures like that in your closet? Hooray for the Bag Ban!
  10. I've just found this thread! And what joy this is:yahoo: Great idea hmwe46!!
    I will try to start wearing my Sable paddy next week then, she's still a "virgin", hasn't have a chance to enter the world yet:lol:

    oh... and I have a new 06 Rouge paddy here with me, just arrived yesterday. The deed was done before the purseban was in effect, so don't punch me :jammin: She is a gorgeous beauty! Will post pic as soon as my digicam is memory-free. Still awaiting dh to backup my pics first.:wlae:
  11. Padparasha: you are a doll!! :tender:

    It is such a gift to meet wonderful gals like you all on this forum!!

    Maye: OMG, you should see my SHOE closet!!

    Soleil: congrats on the rouge! It's really a TDF color, every one should have a RED bag!!!
  12. Python Silverado with Silverado shoes:

  13. and all my Chloe shoes (my first passion!!):


  14. OMG! My heart just skipped a beat when I saw your python silverado hmwe46! Seriously, that needs to come with a warning label!

    I have recently broken out my Mousse Paddy again! Perfect season for it, so it is time she gets some attention again!
  15. You know, I think some of my bags look prettier in pictures than IRL (LOL) but that Python is STUNNING in person :love: It would literally be The Last Bag I would ever sell.

    Mousse is such a wonderful color!! I really loved it, especially with like pale yellow outfits and creamy colors. Pics!?!?
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