Re: Chloe dust bags

  1. Just need some quick help-
    Are there inconsistencies with the chloe dustbags?
    Meaning - I just noticed that one of my dustbags seems to have chloe not part of the material exactly but more of printed on letters (they have texture if you actually touch them)...
    I don't know which dept. store gave me the dust bag but it made me wonder if this is possibly a "non authentic" dust bag?
    Can anyone help me out?
    Does chloe have dustbags with printed on letters..
  2. My two dustbags have Chloe printed on, they come from different stores and the other bags I returned had the Chloe printed on as well.
  3. Chloe dustbags are inconsistant. I have gotten two different kinds . . .
  4. My Chloe dust bag is printed on as well.
  5. Thank you so I feel better.
    Once again, Chloe's inconsistencies have gotten me in a tizzy.....
  6. funny ~ becuase I was thinking the dustbag has Chloe written on it in very very dark chocolate where as my other one is dark chocolate but not that dark...thought it was just me going crazy
  7. Amen.
  8. One of my dustbags is different too, it actually looks laundered. I didn't get an opinion on whether it was fake, but the bag was auth. *shrug*