RE: Charlie Lapson Bags

  1. Anyone out there own any Charlie Lapson bags? If so, what is your opinion? Quality of bags? Heaviness? Thanks.
  2. They're Italian leather bags made in China--just like most Brahmins and all of the Koobas. If Kooba is still using Italian leather that is.

    They're somewhat stiff, and a tad heavy. A big complaint of mine is that some of the finishes could come off with regular use because it's just painted on.

    If you can get one on sale, that's the best way to venture into the land of the Lapson bags.
  3. I ordered a couple from ShopNBC two years ago and promptly returned them. The workmanship wasn't that great for the price they are selling for. I was just totally not impressed, especially after all the hype they've been given.
  4. hmmm-different opinion here-I love the bags I have 8 of them plus matching wallets for 5 and whats cool is you dont see them coming and going everywhere. The only workmanship complaint I have is with his earlier wallets it was damn near impossible to get my drivers license out (for bank and store purposes;haven't been pulled over since '94). I am watching him now as I type ordered 2 bags this weekend and he stated today the bags are assembled by hand in Italy so I dont know if thats always been the way they were assembled but Charlie said (wasn't that a catchphrase from the 70's?) they are done that way...I LOVE his bags:love:
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  5. I've seen them on ShopNBC too and think they're cute. I don't have any myself but some of the styles are actually ones I'd carry.
  6. I ordered one last year and sent it back. It felt like cardboard. I was so disappointed because it looked really nice on TV, they claimed Halle Berry and one of the Des. House Wives had one, blah, blah, blah...:rolleyes: I was suckered.:shame: :lol: It was the perfect shape and size, but to me, it looked really cheap in person.:throwup: There is no way that Halle would carry that way...I'll bet hers was better.:girlsigh:

    I will never buy a TV bag again, especially after reading that article in Vogue which basically (IMO) suggested that the shopping channels use cheaper, scaled down materials to bring a designer bag to the masses. (The article was about socialites starting their own businesses and one of the socialites was trying to get a bag on QVC.) Why should I pay for a cheaper quality bag with a certain name....I'd rather pay a little extra to get much better quality.
  7. My mom got a couple of mesh Whiting and Davis ones from ShopNBC awhile ago and they're really nice.
    The one that I'm not so sure about are the ones on there by that one called The Find. My mom had ordered a tote styled one with a rhinestone buckle and 2 of the stones were missing so she just sent it back right away.
  8. Thanks for the heads up. I have two of his bags that Neiman Marcus sells under the NM label and they are nice bags for the price. One of my employees has a few bags of his from ShopNBC so I watched his show last night and decided to buy several to try. Will let you know what I think of them once I recieve them. Thanks for the feedback ladies!
  9. The Find bags are a better quality than the Charlie Lapson bags. (I ordered one of her bags in the past, but gave it to a friend.) My problem with The Find bags is that they are often knockoffs of high end bags. She made her own versions of bags that look an aweful lot like bags by Hermes, the Luella Bartley, Celine, Prada, Gucci, etc. I hate to say it, but they remind me of fakes.:lol: She's completely ripping off the designs of high end bags...I guess it's legal. :rolleyes: :lol: Still, a lot of women buy them because they like the style of the high end bag, but not the price. I guess she gets over because she makes them a little larger than the actual designer bags.
  10. Lol yeah see those are the ones I don't mind. The bags I can't stand are the ones that have exact logos on it..if they're logoless, I really don't care. Honestly, there are some bags that I couldn't tell you one way or another who they're supposed to be, especially with some of those ones like The Find mom is always asking me who they're supposed to be styled after and most of the time I couldn't tell her one way or another lol. The Hermes ones are obvious but the others, I have no idea. To this day I don't even know which one it was she ordered and had to send back because of the missing stones..that kind of fixed her from buying anything from them again. It was one of those first AND last purchases haha.
    The Whiting and Davis ones were pretty nice though; no problems with those.