Re cartier watch bands

  1. Hi Ladies, just wanting some of your input on this subject.

    The other day I had the luxury of spending many hours shopping just for myself!!!!

    I discovered the joys of looking at beautiful watches and believe me, I could have spent $100000 many times my dreams!!!!

    One watch that I checked out, as per many recomendations from fellow PF`s is the Cartier. And I was shocked to discover that with the Roadster, you could get many bands to change the look. What a discovery (for me)!!!!

    So now I cant stop thinking about all the possibilitiers of owning a watch that changes bands so easily. eg black satin, brown aligator, ss, and other colors of leather too.

    But maybe you girls can add some first hand experience about this? eg does the Roadster actually look good with the different bands? Can it indeed look eveningish??? Am I expecting too much from one watch to have it casual and as a dress watch????

    And for the record all the diamond encrusted Cartier watches were to die for. I love the diamond look with the pink or mauve croc. strap. especially in the Santos 100, the La Dona, and the Tank Americaine. Dreaming here, as my budget does not go that far!!!

    Any hand/ wrist shots Ladies to help with my slow decision. I am aiming to buy for my 40th which is early next year!
  2. A few weeks ago I tried the roadster on with a black strap and the stainless bracelet and it looks great. Lots of options to dress it up or make it fun. It looks great with a black strap! You aren't expecting too much - the cool thing about the roadster is the different looks you can get when you switch. The straps are quite easy to switch - I think it has a special strap method - the salesman showed me how to do it. Gorgeous watch!
  3. The colored aligator straps were gorgeous too, like the pink and mauve.

    Did you like any other cartier watches that also had changable bands? I forgot to ask about if any other models had this feature!

    Also, I wasnt sure about the roadster with satin band, if it looked like a dress watch for evening or just a casual watch with satin band. One minute I was sure it looked amazing and then I wasnt sure if I was just going by the name. Anyway its all new to me and I usually cant decide easily.

    One watch that I fell in love with was the one Princess Mary of Denmark was wearing in one of the watch threads here. It is a Cartier Tank Americaine with diamonds and mauve croc band. It looks so special. I guess I would love something like that, where you can change the bands to match different outfits/ seasons/ day/ night etc.
  4. I don't know what other watches have interchangable bands. From what the salesman was telling me, it seemed that the Roadster and the Santos 100 were the only ones with that option ...

    The satin band made it look dressy!