Re birkin scoop (pics)

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  1. there was a thread about having adjustable straps for the birkin.
    i have a picture of my auntie's birkin that has a strap when we were at a party this summer. you can see it on the top of the flap. hope this might help to those who are excited to hear. The strap was alike the strap that comes with a kelly. It is a little short if you are trying to wear it across the shoulder.
    i hope this helps;)
  2. Thanks for the picture!
  3. Interesting, thanks fo the picture.
  4. Thanks so much!
  5. Thanks for the pic! Is that a HAC? Are the loops to which the strap attaches actually sewn internally, between the front flap and the back of the bag? Or are they somehow sewn onto the exterior? Very curious about this phenomenon!