re: Aussie Holiday leave...totally unrelated to B-bags,

  1. hi guys,

    I know this is totally unrelated to b-bags, but with regard to Aussie holidays in general most organisations (private enterprise) allow for up to 4 weeks leave if you are employed as a permanent employee(eg full time, regular part time days)

    I work for the Federal goverment and we have individually agreed upon contracts and as a large percentage of my organisation is working parents we have negotiated a 5 week anual leave which canalso be used during school holidays to attend to our children.

    all of the baove leave is paid leave and most employes will also allow unpaid leave up to 4 extra weeks. Which means that if you want to head off overseas and want to take 6 weeks off you can choose to have four paid in full and take the extra 2 unpaid..or take them on half pay and have them all covered.

    You are right though Ceejay that we do have to travel long distances if we want to travel outside of the country..but believe me Australia is pretty big enough, you could spend your life travelling to all of Australias wonders.

    Recently we have had some trade & labour reforms which have caused some dramas, and in some aspects have disadvantaged many parttime and full time workers in Private organisations but in general we have relatively good leave arrangements

    not really important...just a little trivia about us aussies..

    A. :flowers:

    PS: The SA at Cult status is really lovely and helpful. sont go by whats on the site with regards to colours as the site hasnt been updated in a while..if you call her she will let you know what they have in stock