Re:Ashley Olsen's Birkin

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  1. Does anyone know te eact style name and size of ashley's bag?And were i can get a replica.

    Picture Removed because it was way too big. Please see below for a smaller version.
  2. er ... most, if not all of us here at the Hermes sub forum do not condone replicas. So, wrong place to post your question. :hysteric:
  3. also that would be a Chanel not a Hermes bag LOL
  4. And.. I don't think thats Ashley.. It's Mary Kate..

    Her tresses are too dark and messy to be Ashley
  5. Whoa, that picture is way too big. Replicas are frowned upon here...
  6. right okai forget whether it is a replica or not, what size and style is the bag, and linzhanover i actually said ASHLEY not marykate if you actually READ the question
  7. It is a Black Togo or Clemence Birkin and on her it is probably a 35cm. As for replicas, this website does not condone fakes of any kind.
  8. It's a Chanel
  9. Jag, is Ashley's Birkin looking that HUGE on her because she is tiny?:nuts:
  10. There are TWO bags in the pic. The pic is too big. Here a smaller version:
  11. Thanks! The first one was so big that I did'nt get to the Birkin.
  12. Thats the bag I want !!!

    35cm black birkin with gh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. No problem! I didn't see it either at first!:lol:
  14. Yes! Isn't that scary!!!
  15. Sorry, we don't do replicas, but that is one hot bag! Definitely the one I want.