Re: 2.55 & price

  1. I am very interested in getting a 2.55 reissue. However, i think i need some lessons before i make my decision.

    What size is the 2.55 reissue similar to the classic jumbo and how much is it now?

    Can someone post a picture of a jumbo classic and a similar size reissue side by side?

  2. Reissues are done in various sizes from size 224 thru 228
    check the reissue/classic ref. library thread to compare sizes.

    Classic Jumbo is pretty much in size like a reissue 227
  3. thank you very much!

    I've seen a reissue which might be the same size as the jumbo classic, but not as wide... I was in a hurry, so didn't ask the SA to do a side by side comparison for me...
    I am very confused with the reissue price tho... How much should a 227 reissue be?:confused1:
  4. 227 reissue is about $2900 without tax....but that's the pre price increase price. the 2008 reissues in the 227 will probably be around $3100
  5. Fashionispoison,

    Wasn't the pre-increase price of 227 $2495? Were you talking about $2900 for 228?
  6. arayako hmm now you got me all confused. lol. well i got the black metallic reissue 227 in september for around $3k after CA tax. the 228 metallic was $3100 something back in september. so i'm guessing the 227 will be more than 3K in 2008.
  7. I knew I should have bought it in September!!!
  8. thanks to you all... I called Saks today and the one i like is $2695... since you guys said the 227 should be close to $3000... i am not sure what size that one is...

    another question, will 2.55 reissue ever go on sale? I just had bad experience with classic flap... still trying to solve the problem... I'd hate to buy bags which ever go on sale...
  9. The 227 was still USD2495 (about 12 inches wide) in Sep, I suspect USD2695 is the price for 228 (about 13.5 inches wide), ask the SA for the style code, the last 3 numbers will tell you the size of the purse.
  10. Really? 2695usd is a 228? I remembered i tried on a huge reissue back then for 3100usd... what size would that be?
  11. ^ask for the style code, the last 3 numbers should end with 226, 227 or 228.
  12. hi ladies I've got the new 228 in September for EUROS 2250,fellow Fers who got it in blk met or light silver met (all new 228s were at the same price at the C/b) got it for $3150 ,that was the equivalent in $ by then...Unfortunately now with the Euro hitting the sky:sad: it should be much more in the States :sweatdrop:unless they havent corrected prices yet while in Europe it's still the same!
    Concerning the codes on the reissues all end in say 224,225,26,227 EXCEPT the new 228 whose code is different :confused1:and as far as I remember -because in my C/b they always keep the tag for their books!!!-the code was about the same with the pearl reissue!only the Y code -concerning the leather -black distressed not met in my bag -was the same with the other sizes of blk reissues with gold H/W!I hope it hepls!
  13. I finally got in touch with the SA i talked to and placed the order yesterday.
    but i totally forgot to ask for the style#. The SA seems unwilling to help me and i even thought not to order from her. however, I am too lazy to track down another one by calling around... I told her to call me once they ship the bag. maybe i'll ask her the style# then.