RDC has some new goodies!

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  1. RDC has some new Bbags up on their website, if anyone is interested! Just wanted to pass on the news.........:flowers:
  2. Thanks Louis_gal, gonna check it out now. Cheers!;)
  3. link? thanks so much.
  4. What is RDC??
  5. Just wanted to say that Corey is wonderful to deal with....I have dealt with her several times and she is always so professional and responsive. So fellow TPFers should have NO concerns about buying or consigning with her!!! :yes:
  6. thanks. i'm checking it.
  7. :tup::tup::tup:COREY IS WONDERFUL!!!!!!!:wlae::heart:
  8. just checked and yummy found a bbag

  9. Oooh, I hope you grabbed that yummy Ink City! :tup:
  10. ^^^ Someone did. I was just on there and that was the one I was drooling over, but someone had already beat me to it!

  11. Oh no:sad:....so sorry kimberf! Hopefully, it went to a PFer!
  12. Ok ladies, we all know that RealDealCollection sells fabulous bags, often consigned by PFers (and others).

    While RDC has Megs & Vlad's permission to advertise her website in her signature, this announcing of coming stock/collections is not permissible.

    I am closing this thread and others like it.

    BTW: the web site is listed in the Reputable Stores thread and you can browse online at will ;)

    Best Regards to RDC [​IMG]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.