RBL Fan Collection 2.0

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  1. Dear Friends, I am beyond excited as I just found out that my submission to the RBL Fan Collection 2.0 has made it to the finalist stage :yahoo::woohoo::yahoo:

    Please take a look and vote http://blog.rescuebeauty.com/fan-collection-2-0-finalists/

    Here's a look at my inspiration!

    (Mods -- please edit out the image if it is not allowed to give hints)
    Reveillion for tpf.jpg
  2. Those pics are so calming! I can only imagine how beautiful the color would be.
  3. :tup:
  4. ohh- how exciting! Good luck
  5. Thanks Ladies! Let's hope that 13 is a lucky number!
  6. :happydance:
  7. So excited for you, C!
  8. Perfect!!:biggrin:
  9. Congrats! I love your inspiration and your colour description sounds gorgeous.
  10. Voted! :biggrin:
  11. I didn't realize that was yours I'd voted for (from FB). Great job! This would be lovely in a polish. :smile:
  12. I voted for you!
  13. I voted for yours and also for number 7! I think the color combo of #7 would be my first RBL if it is amazing as it sounds.
  14. Thanks for the support! Let's keep voting to keep #13 in the top 6 as those will go into production next year. AND I just found out that another tpfer is also among the finalists! So please share the love with #11 created by Star15Rin!
  15. Congrats!! And I voted as well!