RBC Dexia.. heard of it?

  1. Hi all
    i was wondering if any of u have heard of RBC dexia?
    What do you of that company? Is that one of the big players in the world market/european market?
    I am in aussie, may be due to my own lack of knowledge, i have never heard of this company before. I am considering to apply for a position there, if anyone could help shed some light that would be awesome
  2. Hi luvmilo,

    RBC Dexia is a division of the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). They are the largest bank in Canada and have a presence worldwide. Check out their site for more info RBC Dexia - Home Page
  3. yeah I did. great presence in europe, but how about in australia.
    Do u know anyone working there? I want to to know hows the working culture and all. thanks for replying
  4. i'm with royal bank in canada and they are amazing, i'm sure they have the exact same culture of work over there. i doubt that helps but i thought i'd put my 2 cents in.
  5. oh really... thats great... i feel better now
    tell me more...if u dont mind
    I am applying for a job in rbc dexia , a joint venture custodian between rbc and dexia, i am sure know better that me=)