RB Emilie

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  1. This wallet is now up on the LV site for US.

  2. I bought one about 3 weeks ago online. The quality was horrible. I sent it back within an hour of receiving it.
  3. I am totally disappointed to here this. I may take a chance because I love the colors so much. I can always ship
    It back

  4. Oh, I wanted to buy it, too (but in Azur). Why was the quality so horrible to you, can you explain this to us? What is the problem with this Emilie? Today my Caissa Wallet arrived and I like it very much. Have you seen this one? Is the quality comparable? I ask because for me the Caissa looks fine...
  5. The one I had was Mono RB. It had been sold out for a while online but it became available again about 3 weeks ago. I was very disappointed. I already had one in fuchsia but the quality on the RB was not the same.
    I plan to get the Azur with pink interior too. Since it is new maybe the quality is better.
  6. Give it a try you may get lucky. Maybe I received a return. It looked worn and used.
  7. What is the product number?
  8. Yes I can find those but I thought you were talking about the Emilie wallet in Damier Azur with RB..?
  9. +1
  10. I remember another member starting a thread commenting on how the RB/DA wallet feels thinner and weaker than some of the older Emilies. There's a LV on the ground floor of my office tower and I went in last thursday to see if it was true and it is...I have the DE and mono/mimosa versions and I know what this wallet should feel like and the RB one was definitely a let down. Pretty but pretty flimsy at the same time.
  11. So last night I put it in my cart, then when I went to check out it was sold out already. Figures.
    I wanted the Damier Azur with RB interior. I am hoping I can still get my hands on it.
  12. Mine will be delivered tomorrow. I am hoping it's a good one
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