Razr phone - how do you change your answering "machine"?

  1. I'm trying to change what my voicemail recording says. I would like to say something more professional instead of the current "hey, its me. leave a message" But I can't figure out how to do it. I've tried calling my voicemail and following the prompts but all it does it play current messages i have and the "more options" only pertains to the message someone has left me. Any ideas?:sweatdrop:
  2. I don't know, sometimes the functionality differs by carriers, even if it's the same phone. Have you called your carrier's customer service number to ask? They might be able to guide you.
  3. Thanks, I figured it out. What I had to do was delete all my messages and THEN the phone gave me the option to access "personal options" and go from there.