RAZR fits in the new vernis flat pouch!

  1. i just came back from a little *window* shopping trip....and i got to play with the new heart coin purses and flat pouches WHILE all the sweet SAs were playing with my daughter.....(they were so nice and babysat her for me, and played peek-a-boo! she had a blast!:p :heart: ) we didn't buy anything today, but we got a lot of free LV stickers!! lol

    anyway...my SA told me to try my RAZR phone in there and it fit perfectly in the main compartment! just for your info!!;)

    i am really torn between flat pouch or heart coin bag....in RED or PINK! grhh!:love:
  2. Red!
  3. I'm flabbergasted, the razr fits in that ity bitty pouch?!?!?!
  4. awe crud...why oh why did you just tell me that..ROFL....NOW I want one
  5. I know, me too Jill!!! :push:
  6. LOL me too!
  7. Oh man! I love that pouch! And I just got the red razr...how great would that look?! Ya'll are a bad influence...
  8. Me, too! I just bought the red Razr, and I've been lusting for pomme vernis accessories.
  9. red in the heart coin purse... pink in the vernis flat pouch :graucho:

    and I love your daughter! if i was a SA (heck even if I'm not), I'll be too preoccupied with her to assist the customers!
  10. I am really loving the sound of the pouch more and more.
  11. I said this elsewhere, but it reminds me of a little, perfectly wrapped package.
  13. Both! but if you must choose one, i'd say go w/ the HEART, Red or Pink!
  14. Now I want a pouch.
  15. I want one now! lol.