Razorbackbelle0: Were you affected by the tornadoes??? Was anybody else????

  1. Sarah! I hope that if you were affected by the tornadoes that you are doing okay...and if you weren't then that makes me heave a sigh of relief!!!

    I am just worrying about you and hope that you are okay :kiss: :love:

    I hope that if anybody else on tpf was affected by the tornadoes/storms in the south that they are doing okay and not harmed in any way :love: My thoughts are with you all!!!!!!!!!!! :flowers::flowers::flowers:

    Let me know if you need anything okay?
  2. Aww Candace! You are so sweet! I think she is okay since she has been posting. But I wish everyone well
  3. Check in, everyone! Tell us you're okay!

    I'm praying for you!
  4. Awww, Candace, thank you, sweetie! Fortunately, they were East of me. We were VERY lucky! We weren't so lucky in the past (Van Buren tornado of '06 I think it was? my Godfather was trapped in his destroyed office and our hometown was wrecked. The dangers of Tornado Alley!)

    But the people in Atkins, Gassville and the surrounding communities (Yes, Atkins pickles!) were not so fortunate. Dozens of people are dead and scores more are injured. Hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people have lost their homes and everything they have.

    I've already donated to the Red Cross' Arkansas Tornado Relief Fund and am going to try to get out there this weekend to volunteer in the cleanup and relief efforts, as I did with the bad tornadoes of '96 in my hometown. If anyone wants to donate to help the people who have lost everything, there's a telethon going on our area to raise money for them. You can call:

    866-304-4029 OR you can make a donation at 4029tv.com or here: http://www.nwarkansasredcross.org/donation.htm
    $34,000 has been raised already!
  5. ^^ Glad you are OK, RBB!! I was so incredibly frightened reading about this today!
  6. I think the TV stations are running the telethons because they feel bad-- and I'm furious, because I studied meteorology in college. They were too busy covering Super Tuesday and these people didn't really get the adequate warnings they needed-- they had less than two minutes, and some, like in Gassville, had no warning at all.
  7. Yeah...and tonight on CNN they were talking to a meteorologist, and she said they knew about this last week and had a huge meeting on Friday and said they warned all the stations that this could be a problem...but then nothing happened? I thought that was weird.

    So glad you are ok but still so sad for all the people that lost everything :crybaby:
  8. Thank you Pursegrrl :heart: We're counting our blessings tonight!

    Yeah, Candace, we knew it was coming. 70 degrees, stormy, backed by a cold front; perfect conditions for tornadoes. With advanced Doppler, people should have had at least 5 minutes to be warned to take shelter. At least. If not more, because the radar here tracks rotation patterns and vortices. This whole thing is a mess. :cry:
  9. I was just worried because it covered so many areas and states...and I saw some of the college campuses that got destroyed...SO scary! OMG! To be away from home and stuck in the dorms...and get trapped?
  10. Oh, the destruction is massive. They're calling the Gassville and Atkins twisters a solid F-2 or F-3, but the damage path screams BIG F-3 or possibly F-4 to me; it was a really wide swath. I've only seen an F-4 three or four times, and an F-5 once, in Oklahoma City; I was there. They weren't joking in Twister when they called it the "finger of God." The "funnel", in layman's terms, (vortex) was over a mile wide in the OKC tornado.
  11. I saw a picture...it was REALLY SCARY...I cannot honestly imagine. Everyone that deals with those 'fingers of God' are so brave...
  12. You accept it, but it's not something you ever "get used to", kwim? I used to be a SkyWarn storm chaser and some of the things I saw still amazed me, even when I thought I'd seen everything.
  13. Weather always amazes me. I mean look at the stuff it does...and it is all NATURAL.
  14. Glad you're okay Sarah! I need to check on my relatives in Alabama - they live in one of the counties that was hit.
  15. Keep us posted Florasun!!!!!! :s