Razorbackbelle0 and other Multi Stripe Demi owners: Question?

  1. I love your Sig Multi Stripe Demi SOOOOOO MUCH that I want to purchase one for myself!!! I wanted to ask you if you have enough room in yours? What all do you carry in it? Do you use it for everyday?
    Thanks so much!!!;)
  2. I carry it every day. There's plenty of room in it! To be honest, here's what I carry in it:

    A stuffed mini skinny
    A Blackberry
    Hard Pack of CIgarettes (Though I am quitting smoking Monday!)
    2 Lip Gloss Tubes
    Compact of face powder
    Lip liner
    Nail Trimmers
    Coach Signature Fragrance Purse Spray

    And it all fits with no difficulty zipping :smile:

    Let me know if I can answer any more questions!:yes:
  3. Thanks so much for the info.! I think I MUST have one!!! Yours is SOOOOO CUTE!!! I'll go check it out IRL and decide then!
    Thank you. I'll let you know if/when:yes: I end up getting it!!
    P.S. Is it REALLY thin...1" seems pretty thin, but you can zip it fine with bulkier stuff (cigs, mini-skinny) in it?! I think that is my biggest concern - the width.
  4. Soooo is it bad that whenever I hear people talk about cigarettes that I WANT ONE so badly?? (I quit 3 years ago but I LONG to have them almost daily)...

  5. OMG girls....especially you Sarah...I was going to quit on Monday too (for my birthday)... alas, I sit here, thinking about my next Coach purchase, and puffing away. Glad to know that I can get my ciggies in a demi though! LOL!!!!!
  6. Don't quit quitting and buy yourself a purse to celebrate after one month of quitting (then two months, then three months, you get the picture).
  7. anyone have picts of this bag?
  8. [​IMG]
  9. Don't give up on quitting smoking, girls. I smoked from 15-25 then quit to get pregnant. Started again after my 2nd child was born for 2-3 yrs off and on and finally quit for good about 4 years ago. It took a couple of years for the desire to cease, but now I wouldn't think of touching a cig. Think of all the handbags you can buy with the savings!!! Probably one a month! And think of how clean and pink your lungs will be. You have to make sure you're around on this Earth to enjoy all the future Coach bags that will be coming out!!! :p
  10. Totally good point about smoking. I was thinking about taking the $5.00 for every pack I was going to buy and put it in a future Coach fund jar.....
  11. you would be amazing at how much you save i stopped about a year ago ( i have like a few pulls of someones if im out drinking which isnt often but even then i dont like it so much anymore)
    but i used to smoke like 7 a day so to have a pull each month i concider that quitting!! :smile: hehe

    and i have so much more $$!!!! It used to cost about $8 a pack so my goodness its so worth it

    i am so happy not to have my coach babies smell of cig. smoke and to have the $$ to buy more :smile: good luck guys i hope you quit i promise youll be SO happy you did

    i never ever thought i could quit and i didnt really want to it was so nice to socialize while smoking outside and to smoke when i was driving places but then i hurt my back and couldnt go outside as much so it just kind of slowed down and wasnt very hard for me to quit and now i am so happy i did!!! :smile: try to take yourself out of the smoking situations that helped me :smile:
  12. Sooooo....does anyone else have opinions on this PURSE? :p Thanks!
  13. LOL yes. My opinion: I LOVE THIS PURSE! I get so many compliments on it. Everyone is crazy about it when they see it in person and I see women pointing and hear them whispering about it. Which I totally love. LOL. I'm the first person in Northwest Arkansas to have one!

    As for it being skinny-- yeah, it is, but I can still zip it up with cigarettes and a mini skinny and a blackberry and a compact and all that other stuff I listed inside it. :smile: I LOVE this bag!

    Only problem is now I don't carry the black Demi Sig Stripe I just bought last weekend. What do you guys think? Should I sell it or keep it? Of course you always need a black purse.... HELP!
  14. I say KEEP the black demi!! You can use black for so many things and it's good ALL YEAR! It's a great basic color that goes with everything!:yes:
  15. Yep - I bought this multi stripe demi last week and used it this weekend for the first time. I'm a "big purse" kind of person and this is a real change for me. I got the matching mini skinny to use as a wallet and to be honest, for running errands and around town it is a nice little bag. I really like it, plus it is very summery. My daughter wants one!