Raz Patent Carryall or Cran Maggie?

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Which one?

  1. Raspberry Patent Mia Carryall

  2. Cranberry Patent Mia Maggie

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Your thoughts on which I should get?

    I will post pics of both in a min.
  2. Pics:
  3. Love that Maggie!
  4. I know! But my DH...he does not like the pleat...if you catch my drift. LOL!
  5. OY the Cranberry! Any chance they are making that in a mia convertible? what is the color code??
  6. I voted for the cranberry. It seems to be more of a fall color (and I am thinking about this beauty myself :P). I have not seen the carryall in person, but I have seen the raspberry color on the mini mia and it's beautiful, but to me it's more of a spring/summer color IMO. I hope that helps!!
  7. Yes, it does Sidne! I was wondering about that myself...I have a raspberry op art Hailey, and missed out on the patent hailey. So I thought this would make up for it. But that Maggie...WOW! I cannot get both of these bags, because I am already definitely getting the Ocean Teal Maggie and the Mahogany Croc Mia Carryall. So I have to pick one. I need a new patent bag...that is why I am choosing between these two.
  8. i like the maggie!!!! very pretty color
  9. I am leaning more toward the Cranberry myself...I am not a huge fan of gold/brass hardware anyway. And I LOVE the carriage tag! And the color...omg, shut my mouth! LOL!
    That is the most prettiest shade of red/pink ever!
  10. Cranberry Maggie. That color is tdf.
  11. I vote for the Maggie - it's on my PCE list!!!
  12. The maggie is tdf! That color is perfect for fall.
  13. My husband will not let it go about that darn pleat either! I say go for it though....it's a gorgeous bag!
  14. I was hoping you would comment CodeGirl...and yes, I agree that it is more appropriate for fall...and I really need some more fall bags. I have mostly Madison and Poppy stuff, and a lot of it is more spring/summery...well, almost half and half. LOL!

  15. He is like, "that pleat...it's just so obvious!" He said it was worse on the Embossed Audrey, though...and pleaded with me not to get it. LOL! I tried to tell him that it was because those were pockets on the front, but to no avail. He did not like it at ALL.