Rayban Wayfarer sunglasses..please don't flame me, but I am wearing these babies ....

  1. again, I know many of you hate them and probably many of you can't wait to rock a pair of the Wayfarer, if you are too young and never had the chance to do it in the 80s, go for it, they are the super fun and easy care sunglasses.
    I loved mine back in the 80s and again I have my hands in a new pair.
    Did they look good on me back then? I did not care..do they look good on me now?who cares..right?:roflmfao: but still love them and will wear them again.
    I don't know about you, but if you are in to fashion then you also love sunglasses, I do even if I know I don't have so perfect nose for them:sad:
    I have to share these pics with you.
    here couple pics and your opinions are welcome..no problem here;)
  2. those are adorable!!! perfect with your cute bangs.
  3. hmm .....i just can't get why everyone thinks they are so hot right now, sorry but not my cup of tea lol! but i do love the big square sunglasses or aviators.
  4. They look terrible on me, but they look AWESOME on you!
  5. I love Wayfarers! they look soooo hot on you :smile:
  6. they look GREAT on you, and i kinda like them on myself but can't bring myself to buy a pair.
  7. yep, i love them, but im a firm believer that if you wore them the first time around, its not something you should go back to ;)

    they look super fab on you :smile:
  8. If they looked that cute on me, I would totally be wearing them too!

    Personally, I am just hoping that the slightly oversized sunglasses don't become completely taboo since that is by far the most flattering shape for my face that I've found.
  9. I LOVE those! They look fantastic on you!!
  10. I like em.
  11. like them, they look great on you, and surely did back then.

    the rayban wayfarer was my first pair of 'fancy' sunglasses, back then. A gift from my parents on hols, and I loved them. they were the brown version. still love them.
  12. they look really great on you but i don't think it would for me! very cute...
  13. Woo! Go bags4me!!!!!!!!! =) Love these!
  14. LOL..thanks guys, I wore them all this week and so far.. I converted 3 friends (2 girls and one guy) the girls already wearing them and the guy ordered them today..I am such an enabler..:graucho:
    My oldest son wants a pair, but I will order the smaller new version for him, I think is the 2132 50mm for smaller faces.
  15. Lovely! They remind me of my brother, he used to wear them!