Ray Ban Sunglasses -- Too Old School?

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  1. Ok, would these make me look like an old lady geek? I'm 55 as it is!

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  2. Of course not! You would look like a fashionable woman in her late 30's ;)
  3. Im not convinced about them TBH
  4. Old School is back in fashion again - that being said -

    How do they fit your face? That's the most important question when it comes to sunglasses.
  5. What a re you talking about they are fab! I'm getting glasses soon too, and I was thinking about the same pair. Ray Ban are the only ones I like!
  6. Ray Ban are quality lenses for a reasonable price and lots of young celebs wear them. As far as how they look on you, you'd have to try on but if the style in the pic doesn't work, there are others to choose from. Last time I shopped for sunglasses I tried the classic Ray Bans. I didn't love them on me and ended up purchasing some from another company that were very expensive. I like them but I'm maybe a bit sorry I paid around $300 and now I worry about losing or breaking them.
  7. They fit my face well -- I have no real bridge on my nose and the nose piece holds the glasses well. They just remind me of what old man accountants would wear!
  8. For me I want my sunnies to look good. So if they fit your face but you don't think they are flattering, maybe you need to try some other styles.
  9. If you like how they look on you, I say go for it! I tried on the same pair, but they just didn't look quite right on me, I still love their look though.
  10. No way. My Mom has the same pair but the top of hers is a light tortoise (she's a blonde) and they look so fab on her.

    p.s. Mom is 66
  11. Go to an optic shop and try them. Thats the best you can do!
  12. Yup, if they look great on your face AND jive with your general style, then age is not an issue. :smile:

    That said, I cannot bring myself to wear them. I wore them in high school and college when they were "cool" and don't feel the urge to go there again!
  13. For those, I don't see an age limit on them.
  14. oh my gosh i LOVE these glasses! bought a pair for myself, but decided they emphasized the size of my nose (too large), so i gave them to my bf, who looks fantastic in them!