Rawr...stupid boys!

  1. Okay so today was my day off school but I went to this tutorial held by one of the profs to prepare us for midterms, and I decided to bring my Coussin since I never use it when I go to school because I don't want to risk getting it dirty.

    Anyways, I was sitting in one of those lecture theatres where each row of seats is elevated above the row in front...kind of like a staircase, you know what I mean? I wasn't very comfortable setting the bag on my lap while I was writing, so I set it on the floor. Since it was carpet flooring, and the carpet underneathe the seats are clean because there is no way anyone can step on that area, I put my notebook on the floor and set my Coussin on top.

    A few minutes later, I noticed that there was an orange peel and a juice box on the floor of next row above me, just a few centimetres from the edge, about to fall on top of my Coussin. :wtf: And as I looked at it, the guy (who probably ate the orange and drank the juice box) kept moving his feet around so his backpack was pushing his trash closer and closer to the edge. :Push: I quickly reached underneath and pulled out my Coussin and next thing you know...

    SPLATTT! There goes the orange peel and the still-has-liquid juice box. I reached down to save my other stuff (notebook and water bottle) and the guy thought I was trying to help him pick up his junk and went to say in a really nice voice "NO...it's ok...I'll get it" and I stared at him like, "Are you kidding? I'm not picking up your garbage!" and then glared at him, as if to say "If you damaged my bag, you'd be dead by now."

    Oh my gosh...I was so glad I checked on my bag occasionally...or else...that would've been bad. :Push: After that, I set my bag on the level below me, so that I can see it while I was listening to the prof, as well, at least I know that I'm not going to kick anything down the edge and damage my bag.

    Stupid boys. I probably would've screamed in that guy's face if his juice spilled all over my bag.
  2. Oh boy..that's close call..lucky your bag is ok..
  3. :wtf: Wow that was close....:sweatdrop: Stupid boy:lecture: LOL, I guess you'll have to buy a Damier piece for school soon....:graucho:
  4. so u just gave him a stare? if i were you, i'll say something for sure!
  5. I would definately cause a scene...I did it...kinda at the airport when this little S*@& started coughing with her mouth open near my baby...
  6. OOOOOooo...close one...
  7. :wtf: I would've given him a piece of my mind!!! :wtf:
  8. :roflmfao: He thought you were going to pick up his trash? Haha! Glad your bag is okay!
  9. I do have the Sarria that I occasionally take to school...
    But now that you mentioned it...maybe I *should* buy another Damier... :graucho:

    Now I wish I said something! But I didn't want to make a huge scene while the whole room was quiet. :P

    Yeah! That was so dumb! I don't even pick up my boyfriend's trash, let alone some other guy's trash...a dirty, stinky orange peel!! :yucky:

  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: I don't know why, but that made me laugh..when people cough or sneeze with their trap open I always yell "hello, infection control please!!!"
  11. OMG,i would have thrown a fit!! I hate when people do disgusting things like that! especially since my oldest son is a preemie so he gets sick way faster than most normal kids..people are so rude sometimes
  12. Yuck!! Boys are stupid:smile:
  13. its rude to cough or sneeze without covering your mouth.

    when i bring my bag to lectures, i put it on the sit next to me. hahaha... special bags need special seats
  14. geez!! that was sooo close!!
  15. that so rude of him, lucky ur beloved bag is fine :love:

    u should have kick his a$$, karman :P