Raw Food Diet

  1. Is anyone one here doing the raw food thing? I just bought a book called "The Raw Food Detox Diet", it seems totally do-able. It says you can lose weight without even working out, woohoo!!

    Any thoughts?
  2. The only "raw" foods I like are sushi and ceviche (similar to sushi). I personally wouldn't do it, I think it would limit your food options. But that's just me :biggrin:
  3. i do it. some peoples stomach can't handle it and you majority of people would get nauseous or diarrhea, just slowly build up to going raw. dont just all of a sudden go raw. and try to get certified 100% oragainc veggies (some of the organic stuff in the grocerys only need to be 30% organic to be cetrified organic, im not too sure bout this issue but something like the soil can have chemical but they dont spray the palnt with chemical afterward.....but dont hold me on this but somethign along the line.......so just be picky and go to farmers market )and grain fed beef.
  4. also why i say some people stomach cant handle it is i am also thinking of raw fish and beef
  5. I could never eat the raw meat. But the idea of an otherwise raw diet greatly appeals to me in theory -- it just seems so incredibly purifying and natural -- but I'm not sure that I could actually do it in practice.

    I already do eat lots of salads, fruits, and nuts...but that's in addition to tons of baked goods and cooked stuff. Not sure I could take going w/o cake, cookies, cooked veggie burgers, pizza, pasta, etc, etc...
  6. i dont do it, but i've read about the raw food diet, and its a complete way of living and thinking about what you eat. and it makes sense and is super healthy, becuase everything you eat is natural and unprocessed. =) i dont think i can stick to it because i love steak!
  7. MANDM: most of the time at home i eat it raw or throw on the grill for two seconds each site .........but at rest i get it rare and even THEN my boyfriend thinks its gross and he can't watch me eat it.....hes a med-well person~
  8. Kelly Rowland (Seth's mom on the tv show, "The O.C.") is on the raw food diet. She is great advertising... to be her age and look that thin and young?!
  9. gosh, maybe I can try it so I could lose all the unwanted lbs... arrgh..
  10. Yes it really is an excellent way to go. I have much more energy and never feel like napping after a meal (like I used to). btw, when I say "raw", I mean fruits and vegetables in their natural state, no meats. The idea behind it is that you end up killing all the good stuff, enzymes and nutrients, when you cook your food.
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  11. its the best kept secret, i love it, once you start you never let go

    makes you more beautiful inside and outside while others have to suffer and do bs cardio