Raw food diet?

  1. What is everyone's take on raw food diets? Is anyone here on this kind of diet? Proponents say that it carries health benefits. Doctors and medical professionals say it's unsafe. Here's a wiki article (some of the info in it may be true, some may not): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raw_foodism
  2. If you have the time to plan your meals so they are nutritionally balanced, the 'raw' or 'living foods' diet is an incredibly healthy way to eat. Here in the bay area, one of the more mainstream raw food restaurants is Cafe Gratitude. You can order anything from raw "pizza" (a crust of dehydrated seeds, grain, etc topped with yummy ingredients) to raw milkshakes (nut milks, almond butter) to raw pad thai, soup and more.

    If you have a food processor and dehydrator, the raw food diet is VERY delicious and satisfying. It's all about altering the texture of foods rather than cooking the nutrients out of them.

    If you don't give thought to the components of raw meals, of course it can be unhealthy. All it takes is some care and planning.
  3. My Grandmother is a healthy 93 years old, and being southern, she cooks the everloving hell out of her veggies. I think she'll live another 10+, in fact, on her diet of mushy veggies.

    I mean, healthy food is great, wonderful...but here is my view:

    1. I do not care to be quite that anal about my diet


    2. I do not want to live my life eating like a deer

    More power to you if you find the way of life rich and enjoyable! My only opposition to diets such as these is when they involve children. No one should feed their children that, ever ever ever. Vegan diets, vegetarian diets, raw diets for children...terrible ideas. The child needs to grow up healthy and strong on a good healthy normal diet, THEN let it decide on its own method of food consumption later on.
  4. I don't see any harm in eating raw veggies, but the idea of eating raw meat scares the hell out of me. I would be afraid of getting parasites or food poisoning.
  5. I'm pretty sure most raw foodists are also vegan, so meat wouldn't come into the picture...I bet some would make an exception for sushi, though :smile:.
  6. The Wikipedia article actually mentioned eating raw meat. Wikipedia isn't always accurate, but the idea still sickens me. Ceviche or Sushi would be the only exceptions.
  7. There are some people who eat raw that aren't veg. The family on wife swap ate raw chicken that they raised at home. They also ate raw beef that they let sit for months in salt.
  8. Ew! Sorry, I did not read the article, I was just going by personal raw food experience (and that of my friends) which has always been organic and vegan. I would NOT eat raw meat except sushi.
  9. Love raw food... beef tatar, sashimi, raw asparagus, sprouts, cucumbers, peas (they are so good fresh picked).. all kinds of fruits and vegies. I don't do raw chicken or pork though.
  10. There's a yummy vietnamese raw beef dish that is marinated in lime/lemon similar to ceviche. And salted foods, such as beef jerky, isn't that raw?

    I don't think I could an entirely raw food diet but I have a friend who has been on it for years. He's one of those crazy geniuses that got arrested by the FBI for being too smart. He must know something about the raw diet that we don't, LOL.

    I once ate at a raw food restaurant and to be honest, I didn't really like it nor did I feel well after I ate it.
  11. Hahahahah! I agree!

    I do like some things raw but I can't imagine having to eat everything raw.
  12. It's definitely a way to get wholesome, unprocessed foods into your system, but similar to others in here, I'm also wary of eating raw meat! :smile:
  13. Ew, did you watch that wifeswap episode, where the family were on a raw diet. They left meat rotting in a jar for 3 months then ate it.:throwup:
    Not my cup of tea.
  14. I saw that episode! It was horrible! I would not eat raw meat if i was paid!
    They believed that all bacteria was good for the body, they didnt clean their house with any cleaning products, and brushed their teeth with butter!
  15. There is also a raw Japanese beef dish, it's quite nice and comes with a nice sauce similar to soy sauce.

    I love my sashimi as well, yum. I read in a magazine somewhere that VB lives on sashimi to keep her figure.