Raw food-Carol Alt books?

  1. I just ordered 2 of Carol Alt books on Raw Foods and another 2 from overstock.com.
    I am thinking of trying a raw food diet. I find that I have no desire to eat meat and a lot of preprocessed food. I cook some great meals for my family but don't want to eat them. Yesterday I was eating fresh fruits for breakfast and really enjoyed them more than other things. I have been reading some of my healthy magazines about this for a few weeks. So I thought of trying this. I still know your body needs fats and other things from when I saw a nutritionist.....so I will have to figure out what else I want to add to my diet.
    Has anyone read any raw food books and what did you think?
    Sometimes I feel your body may be telling you what to do and I think I am so over eating meat......
    I want to go to the health food store and stock up on things. I even want to stop skim milk and try soy and other milks.
    Any tips out there for me????
  2. personally, im a meat eater, but i have many friends that have cut it out of their diet. I would look into plans that work best for you. the Raw Food diet is pretty extreme in terms of a diet plan. i would look into some basic vegetarian cookbooks first
  3. I've really been wanting to try a raw foods diet--at least to see if there really is a difference. What appeals to me about it, is that you aren't contaminating the foods with metals from pots/pans, or irradiating them with the microwave. I know that it can be tough to follow at first until you learn how to incorporate enough proteins and fats, but supposedly the benefits make up for the inconvience. I'm looking into purchasing "Raw--the Uncook Book" as my starter. Please, let me know what you think when your books arrive and I'll do the same!
  4. I would love to have the will power to do the raw food diet (no mammal meat though) as the probiotics and enzymes aren't destroyed by heat. I'll be doing the izo cleanze so I'm hoping I can make the transition then (or atleast primarily raw although cooked vs raw & grains digest at different rates). I was at my best as a vegetarian years ago but fell off the wagon, and havent been able to get back on since. I'm sure it's easier now than it was back then. You couldn't even buy veggie burgers at the grocery store.
  5. I am glad that you posted this because I have been researching the raw food diet a lot lately. I even saw an infomercial this morning in which Carol Alt was endorsing a juicer. I have looked at some before and after photos online of people who have followed this way of life, and they seem to have clear eyes and skin and a nice glow. There is a raw food lecture at my local health food store on 2/4, so I plan to attend. Hopefully, I will pick up some pearls that I can share withe everyone here. :smile:
  6. I've tried it but cannot seem to stay raw 100%. I did buy myself a good juicer and I have made some of the foods/recipes. I'm also lucky enough to have a local "raw" restaurant in my city. I like the fact that I am eating organically and the juicing definitely helps me feel less bloated and overally full. Try it...let us know what you think.

  7. I would really love to do this so many health benefits but it would be such a transition for me! I am at the stage where I just do not wat to eat any more "regular" food & meat & dairy have to go, not good! I am a fillet steakaholic! When I am being good I eat fruit for breakfast, that is a great start! I do drink almost a pint of freshly squeezed orange juice every morning but the rest of my day is a mess!!
    I feel better when I cut out carbs as well!
    Thanks for posting this thread Gilliana & good luck! I will keep watching the thread for help!
  8. I don't think I can go 100% raw but would like to do as much as I can. I didn't get my books yet or go to the health food store (which is something I really want to do). For lunch today I had a large salad with tons of vegetables and some things I normally do not eat (different sprouts added) and the salad hit the spot. For dinner I made a nice organic vegetable soup and I was actually happy to see my husband and Dad ate two bowls of it and my daughter loved it too. I am going to see if my son will eat it tomorrow. Since my kids and hubby will not eat all the stuff I want to try I will be cooking different for them but it will be healthy. I am done with the junk and I think they will be OK. I am lucky that hubby loves to garden and in the summer we will have lots of fresh organic peaches, apples, grapes, strawberries and raspberries off all our trees he planted. I will take my juicer out tomorrow and start juicing. I used to do that and really go in to healthy green juices even though some of the combos did not taste that great.....If I have time I am going through the cabinet and getting rid of any junk and things I don't want. My town does not have a health food store or any organic or raw place so it is hard to shop in the local area.
  9. ^^^^^

    You are doing well! So lucky that you live in a climate where you can have all fresh fruit in your own garden, can't beat the homegrown stuff!
  10. I'm sori to be clueless.. i have heard about this diet.. im just wondering what does it mean?

    Does it mean you eat uncooked meat or something? or u just eat salad all day?

    I know a few of my friends who love their steaks really really raw (bleu).. but i seriously don't know how one can digest those stuff
  11. Yes - thats great!
  12. I found some nutrition bars at my local supermarket that are 100% raw. They are really good. They are called Pure Bars. It is a nice quick alternative when you are on the go. You can even order them at http://www.thepurebar.com. I went to Carol Alt's website too, and there are some good links and info you might want to check out. :smile:
  13. Raw food means eating frest vegetables & fruits and not cooking them. It does not mean eating raw meat or other things. The name raw meat reminds me of that wierd Wife Swap show where the people only ate raw and MEAT was included........they brushed their teeth with raw butter too. UGH.
    I am waiting for the cookbooks to see what it is all about. I do think I like dairy a bit too much so I want to try to do soy mild or rice milk. I have had terrible sinus problems and have been reading up that dairy foods may contribute to it so I want to limit or delete them from my diet to see if there is any improvement. I would love to get a new bread maker and make great healthy breads. I had one and it broke. I think one can do a lot of things to improve their diets but it does take time and effort and to me that will be the challenge to see if I can make the time to do it. I mean it is easier to open a can of soup than cook a homemade one. But I really want to change.
  14. ^^^

    So right Gilliana it is the time & effort that gets me! But am going to try. Dairy food is so not good for you for many health probs.
  15. There are raw food diets for humans that do include meat and fish in addition to plants & fruits. Even though they're not near as popular as the vegan version, they still exist. There was actually a thread on here before about it and if anyone could stomach the raw (red) meat part. I know carol alt's doesnt, but I wanted to make that distinction since raw meat grosses most people out, although I was surprised at how many do eat it. Personally, I believe those should be limited to our carnivore pets. We have long intestines (like herbivores) vs the short intestines as carnivores so it's easier for our system to absorb and pass plant and fruit based diets. Through experience, I am convinced a vegan diet was the best (for me), not only with my skin, hair and energy, but my mind also. I thought it might have been a fluke, stopped for a while and even went back to it. That's when I realized it was my diet. My juice cleanse is coming on wednesday so I'm hoping I can make the switch. My current diet has bothered me for a while considering I know what I experienced before on a vegetarian diet.